Llocs d'Interès

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  • Website: www.parcastronomic.cat
  • Town/City: Àger
  • Email: info@parcastronomic.cat
  • Telephone: 973 455 246
  • Telephone #2: 973 455 247
  • Email: Camí del Coll d’Ares, s/n - Àger

El Montsec is one of the best places in the world for astronomical observations. The Astronomical Park of El Montsec is a centre for everyone: researchers, amateurs, families and friends. It offers numerous day and night time activities to see the sky from another perspective. Visit the permanent exhibition, the Telescope Park and the spectacular Eye of El Montsec digital multimedia planetarium. When the eye opens, it is possible to see the sky directly through the 12 m diameter dome.