Llocs d'Interès

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  • Website: www.guissona.net
  • Town/City: Guissona
  • Email: turisme@guissona.net
  • Telephone: 973 55 14 14
  • Email: Plaça Vell Pla, 1 - Guissona

Ancient Iesso was a walled settlement following the urban model of other Roman cities of its time. You will find it at present-day Guissona. The Eduard Camps Museum of Guissona conserves this legacy and is the point of access to the town’s Archaeological Park which shows us what Roman Iesso was like. Visitors will see a typical Roman home and the old baths. If you come in July, you may even meet Caesar and Cleopatra on their annual visit to the Roman Market of Iesso. Will you miss it?